A blood unit. Photo credit:

A blood unit. Photo credit:

The blood bank at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara needs between 15 to 20 units of blood every day.

Director of the Hospital’s Medical Lab, Alfred Dofai told SIBC News, this blood demand is not currently met.

Mr. Dofai confirms, all wards in the Hospital need blood for patients every day.

“Al the hospital wards need blood and patients are in need of blood and this is why we are coming out very strongly to the public to make them aware that there’s always a need for blood at the hospital every day and every night. On a daily basis, we will need 15 to 20 units which means we need 15 to 20 donors of blood.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Dofai used the World Blood Donor Day yesterday to flag the need for more blood donation at the Hospital.

He appeals to the public to voluntarily donate blood for our patients including anaemic patients, major accident patients, mothers during delivery and other patients.

Australian volunteers from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) led other donors to donate blood to the Hospital’s blood Bank yesterday.

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