Kwaso, anti-social activities to stop at Honiara Botanic Garden


The entrance to the Honiara Botanical Gardens

The Ministry of Forestry and Research has called on the public to respect the Honiara Botanic Garden – an area of the city often used for anti-social activities.

Deputy Commissioner of Forestry, Fred Pitisopa told SIBC News the garden was an important part of the city and it was important the garden was preserved.

Mr Pitisopa called for public support.

“It should be used for research, education and recreation and conservation,” Mr Pitisopa said.

“Every citizen of the country should understand and respect this area.”

The area is often used for anti-social activities such as drinking kwaso.

SIBC News understands, the Ministry of Forestry and Research and the Honiara City Council are working to build a fence around the garden in response to the anti-social activities.

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