The Asia Pacific Investment Development (APID) has been de-registered from the West Rennel Land Parcel No. 298-005-1 as the title holder effective as of October this year.

Parliament Member for Rennell and Bellona Constituency Dr. Kaitu Angikimua told the National Parliament during his sine die motion debate yesterday.

APID, the holder of the West Rennel sub-lease Land PN. 298-005-1 has been de-registered by the Registry of titles within the Registrar General office earlier.

Dr. Kaitu Angikimua also told SIBC News earlier about the deregistration.

“On 19 October 2020, the Registry of land titles has de-registered APID from West Rennel land. It has turned out to be the land has been registered by mistake.”

Dr. Kaitu also told parliament that existing laws regulating mining operations also need proper amendments.

Meanwhile, a leaked letter from APID’s Law Firm, Suri Law Practice firm in a 6-paged letter to the Office of Registrar General dated October 23rd calls for the return of the file PN. 298-005-1 being released to the police.

“We wrote to you and raise our client’s concern of your release of files PN.298-005-1 to the police and we strongly pointed out that the police investigation has a characteristic of abuse of process. We urge you to call for the return of all the files to avoid being tampered with”.

The served letter also warns of a possible lawsuit if the Registrar General’s office does not retract or cancel the minutes listed on October 19th which they treated as a notice issued under section 228(1) of the Lands and Titles Act. 

“With due respect, we hold the view that your minutes are defective and flawed. We are, therefore, instructed to request you to retract and cancel your minutes before noon on Monday, October 26th, 2020. Failing this, Our clients will lodge a Judicial review claim for quashing of your decisions contained on the minutes.”

The Registrar of land tittles within the Ministry of Lands and housing is does not or yet to make formal statement on the de-registration and the threats from APID and it’s lawyers.

West Rennell land acquisition by APID since 2013 is a controversial land issue that has been the center of debate for years.

Earlier, one of the Rennel Landowners, Chief Allen Toupongi blamed the government for their decision on the land’s acquisition.

“This is the cheapest and bad land acquisition I have ever seen. The government has indeed not only failed us but also abandoned us.”

After acquiring the West Rennel Land, APID sub-contracted Bintang Mining Company to carry out Mining operation in West Rennell.

by Charley Piringi

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