Education. Photo credit: Australian Shareholders.

Education. Photo credit: Australian Shareholders.

“Appreciate your education and shared responsibilities” – this was one of the messages Rose Isukana of the Pacific Leadership Program left at the International Women’s Day Breakfast in Honiara this week.

Ms. Isukana was the keynote speaker at the Breakfast and she spoke on the theme “Empowering Women and Girls in Solomon Islands: Making it Happen”.

She told the gathering yesterday, people must appreciate their education and shared responsibilities.

“May we appreciate the responsibilities that we must now share and carry in all our works of life, thanks to education both formal and informal. I had to cry for my education before I can receive it, and I cried and I was granted by my parents and it was tough, paddling each way three hours in a small dugout canoe. I know it was tough, but I cried for it so I had to face it, so I held all the challenges and the weaknesses that I had faced.”

Ms Isukana also highlighted she has achieved many of her goals, even though she had a tough start to getting an education.

“The journey was tough and a challenging one indeed, but it’s about goal-setting and sheer determination to achieve those goals. A few of them, a goal to read and write for someone who was denied of their education or being able to speak on behalf of someone who cannot speak for himself or herself, or financially supporting them in educating them where possible. I live it, it’s challenging to turn a blind eye, ensuring younger siblings receive their education up to tertiary and now my children and others more.”

The International Women’s Day Breakfast was well attended by women from all walks of life and guests from the private sector and the Government.

The Breakfast is an Annual Event hosted in Honiara by the Australian High Commissioner.

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