Australian sub appears in Honiara, shocks residents


The unnamed submarine berthing outside Honiara. Photo: Australian High Commision.

A Royal Australian Navy submarine transiting the Pacific visited Honiara waters briefly this morning to obtain assistance for sick crew members, which has tuned heads in Honiara.

Unsuspected Honiara residents were amazed and confused to find a submarine laying just outside the city, which was an unfamiliar site to them.

Many people took to social media asking questions on the sub’s origin, and dozens of photos of the sub was uploaded online.

Thanks to an advance turnaround of the necessary clearances by the Solomon Islands Government for the Sub Marine and crew to enter Solomon Islands waters.

The two sick sailors were transferred ashore and are receiving medical care pending evacuation to Australia.

“We are grateful to Solomon Islands for assisting to facilitate the medical care of our officers,” said Australian High Commissioner Roderick Brazier.

The submarine departed Solomon Islands waters late this afternoon.


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