A recent string band recording in Bita'ama, North Malaita. Photo credit: SIBC.

A recent string band recording in Bita’ama, North Malaita. Photo credit: SIBC.

Avu’avu provincial secondary school in South Guadalcanal will jointly host an unplugged string bands recording session with the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) later this week.

An SIBC touring team has left Honiara for Avu’avu school ahead of the event.

Principal Toni Abraham of Avu’avu school says string bands around Avu’avu area have been busy recalling traditional song lyrics.

Principal Toni says men and boys have been busy practicing.

Meanwhile, the Guadalcanal Education Authority applauds SIBC for its wisdom to preserve core cultures in the form of traditional music recordings.

Guadalcanal Provincial Chief Education Officer, Maesic Suia requests SIBC to share its recorded materials with the Guadalcanal education authority to be distributed to schools as a learning kit.

SIBC has toured parts of Isabel, Malaita, Choiseul, Makira, and Central provinces performing its community service role – recording traditional songs, custom stories, events and meetings, remote community people, listening to and amplifying their issues to the right authorities.

The rest of the provinces will be visited next year.

The Weather Coast tour sums up SIBC’s touring program for 2015.

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