Needles used for immunisation. Photo credit:

Needles used for immunisation. Photo credit:

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services together with the Honiara City Council Health Division have received positive responses from members of the public regarding their mass immunisation awareness
program last week.

Council Child Health and Immunisation Coordinator, Mrs Nethlyn Firibae confirmed this to SIBC News today.

Mrs Nethlyn Firibae said from questions and explanations given, she believes many parents and single mothers fully understand the importance of immunisation for child health protection.

“We have received a very positive impact this has on people we’ve came across like in market places, people are now aware that though their children had missed their immunisation they can still come to the clinics for updates and we see in the communities to which we went, people ask lots of questions on the importance as well as benefits of immunisation.”

SIBC News understands, the immunisation awareness program was held at various clinics and communities, including the Honiara Central Market.

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