Bangladesh national stabbed on neck and mouth


A Bangladeshi national was stabbed on his right neck and mouth at the Borderline bus stop, east Honiara on Saturday 11 September, 2021.

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau

The victim sustained minor injuries on his neck and mouth as police are on the hunt for the suspect who is still at large.

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau told journalists in his weekly media conference today that the incident occurred when the Bangladesh national and his wife left their shop, near the Borderline bus stop and walked to a nearby store to purchase a phone top-up.

“On their way to that shop they met a person well-known to them, the suspect asked them for money but the Bangladesh National told the suspect that there was no extra cash with him as he had already spent it on the top up,” Commissioner Mangau said.

He said the suspect then came from behind the couple and pushed the victim’s wife several times.

Having seen this, the victim tried to protect his wife when the suspect took out a screwdriver and landed it on the right side of his neck. He then withdrew it and landed the second stab on the victim’s mouth.

The Police Commissioner said the screw driver went through the victim’s mouth and broke one of his teeth. A tooth has been removed and the victim sustained minor injuries.
Police have called on the suspect to surrender himself to any nearest police station.

Commissioner Mangau says the victim’s condition is stable.

“The suspect is still at large and I appeal to the suspect to surrender himself to the police. You cannot hide and stay in fear from the police.

“I appeal to those who present at the time of the incident to assist my investigators with information about the stabbing incident,” Mr Mangau said.
Police could not provide the identity of the suspect.

Meanwhile, Yumi Toktok Facebook Forum founder and local activist Benjamin Afuga said the stabbing is uncalled for and should be condemned in the strongest manner.

“The stabbing of a foreigner, a Bangladeshi national with a screwdriver last Saturday at Borderline is uncalled for and should be condemned in the strongest manner by peace loving and law abiding citizens of Solomon Islands.

“Even if you are not happy, there are better ways of dealing with your problems. Such news is damaging for the country as a whole,” he said.

SIBC was informed that the Bangladesh national is a business man and owned two shops, one at Borderline and one at Gilbert camp in east Honiara.

by Jared Koli

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