Finance and Treasury Minister Snyder Rini. Photo credit: Parliament.

Finance and Treasury Minister Snyder Rini. Photo credit: Parliament.

Electricity bills are expected to go down by the end of this year.

This was announced by Finance Minister, Snyder Rini in Parliament last week.

The Finance Minister says, he has been enquiring about the tariffs since last year but because of the complicated processes involved, public will wait till next year to pay less for their power bills.

“I asked them since last year that the price has gone down, but it was not passed onto the consumers and they said they will do a review on it but then nothing happened until this year where they said they will have orientations and meetings with us at the Finance to reach an understanding on what they are doing. It’s a little too technical to understand, their formula.”

Mr. Rini revealed this in Parliament when he was asked about the cost of electricity in the country.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Snyder Rini said JICA’s reservoir project to assist Solomon Water’s increasing water demand in the city has not met Solomon Water’s demand.

“Even after JICA leaves, it does not really meets Solomon Water’s demand, so there are outstanding issues which the Solomon Water is trying to address in terms of installing pipes to collect water from the reserviors to supply those who have no water, so that’s the problems currently faced by Solomon Water.”

Mr. Rini made the clarification in Parliament last week.

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