Blood-stain ‘not connected to any death’: police

 Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

Solomon Islands’ police have dismissed rumours that the blood stain found near the Honiara Casino on Saturday night is connected to a death.

Speaking to media, Police Commissioner Mathew Varley said he was aware of the rumours circulating around Honiara.

“At this stage I want to stress that there is no report of death associated to that and a dead body,” Mr Varley said.  “I’m aware of rumours going around that a dead body was located, but this is not true.

“At this point in time the investigation is ongoing. We’ve examined the crime scene there. It is not known where the blood stain has come from, but we’re calling out to anyone who may know where it has come from to contact police.

But I must stress that there is no connection to any homicide.”


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