All GP liquor license are illegal : Veke


Guadalcanal Province Premier , Anthony Veke.

All Liquor operators within the Guadalcanal jurisdiction are illegal.

Guadalcanal Province Premier Anthony Veke said the province’s liquor board were yet to meet to renew this year’s liquor licenses after liquor licenses were expired on the 31st of December 2018.

He confirmed the licenses given out by the liquor board were valid only for one year.

“The liquor license that has been given out by the liquor board last year should laps on the 31st of December 2018, becasue all the license given out by the board is only valid for one year,” he said.

“Therefore all the license given out now its already invalid, and if they are operating right now, then their activities are illegal.”

The premier also explained the delay for the renewal of the liquor licenses.

“The outgoing chair of the board was posted outside of Honiara so therefore could not continue to chair the board’s meetings, ”

“My office had to appoint a new chair of the board, so the appointment was made on January for the new chairman of the board, but unfortunately I haven’t been informed of whether the appointed magistrate has accepted the appointment or not, so that is what we are waiting for.”

An estimate of more than 20 liquor outlets are selling alcohol illegally on Guadalcanal Province.

By: Fredrick Kusu. 

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