Boat rescue incidents sparks police maritime warning


Police rescue boats in action. Photo: RSIPF

As the festive season approaches, police have called on the public to take precautionary measures when travelling at sea.

This comes after two incidents earlier this week. One involved a 30-year-old man rescued at Kolombangara Island after being stranded at sea for about 24 hours. The other involved a boat carrying four people rescued in Wagina, Choiseul Province.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said police are preparing for the annual Safe Boat Operation during the upcoming festive period.

Mr Varley said police will also be carrying out community awareness events on sea safety.

He said there are simple steps people can follow to ensure their safety at sea, including planning their trip and sharing their itinerary with others.

“Check the weather before going out at sea, you must ensure your boat and engine is sea worthy, and carry extra supplies,” he said.

“Make sure you know who is sailing the boat, and they must be experienced and qualified.”

By Lowen Sei

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