Submit your commentary to SIBC Online


SIBC wants to publish the views of Solomon Islanders prominent in their fields e.g. academics, professionals, diplomats, consultants, economists and educationists.

We will post the commentary on our website, and we invite those who have time to write to let our online readers learn the views, perspectives and comments of those who can see the events and issues in our country from a macro or ‘big-picture’ perspective. Some articles have already been posted.

SIBC is also ready to publish any satirical articles that they provide, as these can convey messages in an entertaining way e.g. in cartooning.

We therefore solicit articles about politics, development, health, education, food security, jobs and livelihoods, exports/imports, culture, gender equity, law and order and governance in general.

Articles accepted will be less than 2,000 words and authors will be required to reference their sources of information so that readers will be confident that the authors have accessed properly researched information.

We will accept longer articles provided these are accompanied by photographs, graphics, video etc.

If interested contributors need further clarification, contact News and Current Affairs Editor Leni Dalavera at

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