Measles vaccination Honiara Solomon Islands Sept 2014_St Nicholas Primary school. Photo credit: MHMS.

Measles vaccination in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Photo credit: MHMS.

Ministry of Health and Medical Services together with Honiara City Council Health Division are calling on all parents and single mothers to avail their children under one year old to access their immunisation schedules at various clinics in the country.

Honiara City Council Child Health and Immunisation Coordinator Mrs Nethlyn Firibae says this is crucial to ensure the new born babies and those under a year old are fully protected against diseases.

“So we call on those parents who might neglect looking back at their children’s health books to bring their children to the clinic to receive immunisation because with the experience from the measles outbreak and Rubella, many of children have missed their schedules for immunisation.”

SIBC News understands Ministry of Health and Medical Service together with Honiara City Council Health Division are currently conducting one week of mass immunisation awareness program in Honiara and other parts of the country.

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