Cocoa, a major commodity for Solomon Islands. Photo credit:

Cocoa, a major commodity for Solomon Islands. Photo credit:

A Cabinet sub-committee on the Commodities Export Marketing Authority (CEMA) has started a dialogue in pursuit of its mandate to resurrect the State-Owned Enterprise.

A government statement said this is in line with the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government’s effort to ensure an enabling environment for the country’s rural population to participate meaningfully in economic activities.

It says the sub-committee is mandated to assess the organisational and operational structure of CEMA and recommend areas of improvement and to assess the litigation against CEMA by RIPEL and Levers Solomons Limited.

Other responsibilities include assessing the disbursement of financial and technical support by the government to assist CEMA in the litigation case and engaging a forensic lawyer to represent the
SOE in the case.

It acknowledges that CEMA became stagnant due to socio-economic challenges it has faced, one of which is the legal battle with Levers Solomons Limited and former CEMA employees.

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