CARE, SIUP, SIPRA Nominate Matthew Wale as PM Candidate

CARE, SIUP, SIPRA Nominate Matthew Wale as PM Candidate

The Coalition of CARE, SIUP, and SIPRA has officially nominated Matthew Cooper Wale as their candidate for Prime Minister. This decisive move counters widespread rumor’s of internal divisions.

Matthew Wale was nominated by SIUP’s Peter Kenilorea Jr and Cathy Nori, SIPRA’s Gordon Darcy Lilo, and CARE’s David Gina.

Former Prime Minister Rick Hou commented on the choice. “This isn’t a power grab,” Hou explained. “We chose Matthew Wale as the best solution for the challenges Solomon Islands faces.”

The nation struggles with economic woes, healthcare failures, and soaring unemployment.

Stephen Kumi, newly elected MP for Temotu Nende, stressed the critical need for change. “The country demands a new direction. It’s time to end business as usual,” Kumi insisted.

Matthew Wale expressed gratitude to his colleagues for their trust and appealed for broader support.

“The people of Solomon Islands have voted overwhelmingly for change from DCGA & OUR party. I therefore urge all newly elected independents, who were voted in on a mandate for change, to join us. This is the people’s clear wish,” Wale asserted.

“The choice is stark. It’s life or death for the sick, education or ignorance for our children, jobs or unemployment for our youths, low or high living costs for our Nation,” Wale continued.

As the PM election approaches, the Coalition reaffirms its commitment to champion the change mandated by the voters, urging Representatives to heed the call for change being demanded by the electorate.


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