Coalition for National Unity and Transformation nominates Jeremiah Manele as PM Candidate

Coalition for National Unity and Transformation nominates Jeremiah Manele as PM Candidate

By Fredrick Kusu

Few hours after the nomination for the election of a new Prime Minister was opened, the Coalition for National Unity and Transformation (CNUT) had nominated Jeremiah Manele as its candidate for the Prime Minister’s position.

CNUT consisted of OUR Party, Solomon Islands Peoples First Party (SIPFP) and Kadere Party. 

In its current form, the coalition has 28 members. 

Mr Manele was nominated by Manasseh Sogavare, Manasseh Maelanga, Frederick Kologeto and Jamie Vokia.

At a media conference today, former OUR Party Wing Leader Manasseh Sogavare also announced that Manele is the new OUR Party’s Parliamentary Wing Leader.

Mr Sogavare said Manele is no stranger as he was a career public servant raising up through the ranks of public service and was once a upon a time Secretary to the Prime Minister before assuming elected office.

Manele was the former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the previous Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement.

“It is with great honour and privilege that I now hand over to the OUR Party Parliamentary Wing Leader and the Coalition for National Unity and Transformation candidate for Prime Minister Hon Jeremiah Manele,” Mr Sogavare said.

Manasseh Sogavare announcing the coalition’s PM Candidate Jeremiah Manele during the media conference

In his remarks Mr Manele thanked the coalition members for nominating him as the coalition’s candidate for Prime Minister.

“As a member for Hograno Katova Havulei constituency Isabel province, I have accepted the nomination by the Coalition for National Unity and Transformation as the coalition leader and candidate for Prime Minister in the 12th Parliament”.

“ I am able to carry on the responsibilities in leading our nation forward. I am well aware of the challenges and I know that at times it can be burdensome and lonely but I am comforted with the sound policies that we have and the solidarity in our coalition.”

“Unity and stability are not just abstract concepts. They are the very bedrock upon which nations are built. Unity fosters a sense of belonging, transcending differences and promoting cooperation among diverse communities” Manele said.

Meanwhile another coalition on camp is the CARE coalition. The coalition consist of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP) led by Mathew Wale, the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) led by Rick Houenipwela, Solomon Islands United Party (SIUP) led by Peter Kenilore Jnr. and UMI 4 Change (U4C) Party led by Daniel Waneoroa.

On Saturday, the coalition announced 20 members within its camp. 11 from SIDP, 1 from DAP, 7 from SIUP and 1 from U4C.

A statement from the coalition reads “Our Group is responding to the cries and wishes of our people to take back Solomon Islands and to bring back confidence in the leadership and the governing of our country.”

CARE is yet to declare its nominated candidate for Prime Minister.

Private Secretary to the Governor General Rawcliffe Ziza confirmed at around 3pm on Monday that the Government House received one nomination for Prime Minister.

However, the closure of nomination is at 4pm Tuesday 30th April 2024.

The Governor General Sir David Vunagi has announced Thursday 2nd May 2024 as the date for the election of a new Prime Minister.

The Governor General shall submit a list specifying all candidates and their respective nominators to each member after the closure of nomination and prior to the election.

All members are eligible for candidature and no member shall be a candidate unless nominated by four members.

Any candidate may withdraw his or her candidature before the conclusion of the election.



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