Care-taker Prime Minister conferred with highest Choiseul cultural honor

Care-taker Prime Minister conferred with highest Choiseul cultural honor


The people of East Choiseul constituency have accorded the care- taker Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare with the suqu ceremony, a ceremony afforded to people with distinguished service to the people.

The ceremony in Pangoe village was to acknowledge and repay the various assistance and services rendered to the people of East Choiseul during Sogavare’s 27 years in political leadership.

This is also to recognise Sogavare’s leadership which extended beyond East Choiseul to the country as a whole and the region as well.

During the ceremony as well, Sogavare’s cultural status is elevated to bovoe- the highest recognition in Choiseul culture.

Only leaders with bovoe status can participate in the suqu and Sogavare is honoured with that highest degree of respect. 

The suqu is a rare cultural practice, chiefs from Northwest Choiseul were honoured to be invited to set up and perform during the suqu ceremony.

Care- taker PM Sogavare led into the venue for the suqu by warriors

People from all over East Choiseul and as far as South and Northwest Choiseul were in attendance to honour the care- taker PM.

Care- taker Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare when responding to the cultural recognition placed on him, he said he is humbled to be given such a respect.

PM Sogavare underscored and attributed his leadership to God both for leading the constituency and the country.

 The care- taker PM also paid tribute to his family for the support they have given him during his tenure as both the Member of Parliament for East Choiseul and Prime Minister of the country.

PM Sogavare extended his gratitude to the chiefs and elders of East Choiseul and other neighbouring constituencies, for their unwavering support during the highs and lows of his leadership.

The only other leader to be bestowed with similar recognition is Reverend Leslie Boseto, who was honoured in acknowledgement of his service to the United Church or the religion.

The suqu ceremony also coincided with the celebration of the care- taker PM’s 69th birthday. People were happy to share a taste of the birthday cake.


Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat

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