BBC Media Action conducts election prep workshop for SIBC

BBC Media Action conducts election prep workshop for SIBC


Engaging people into debate and having their views heard is an important part of an election process.

This where people could be assisted in making the right choice on electing their right candidates in any election. 

One way that could bring people’s views on election and choosing the right candidate is through the media as it helps people choose and set direction for the nation.

This week, the BBC Media Action held a three day workshop for staff of the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) in preparation for the upcoming joint election in April.

The workshop which ended on Thursday (18 January 2024) was facilitated by BBC Media Action’s Dipak Bhattarai.

It focused on how to create a public debate program involving audiences from across the country to ask questions on certain topics from selected panelists.

As the election time approaches, SIBC is now working on developing a program that will bring together audiences from all walks of life to provide their views on certain issues.

British High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Thomas Coward said SIBC is really taking an innovative approach to capture the rich debate across the country especially before the national general election this year. 

British High Commissioner to Solomon Islands His Excellency Thomas Coward

Commissioner Coward said through the new program SIBC will be able to host panel debates with members of the local community, members of constituencies and those who are campaigning to be in the election.

“It is important for people across the country to hear these debates.”

It is crucial that people from across the provinces hear, understand and engage in the debate because it brings us together and helps us understand the national policy as well as understand local issues,” he said.

Meanwhile the British High Commission Office in Honiara is proud that BBC can support SIBC deliver a world class level of public service podcasting in Journalism to the people of Solomon Islands.

“What I hope for is that in partnership with the UK and the BBC, SIBC will be able to roll out electoral Broadcasting and public engaged work”, the British High Commissioner said.

“In general people of Solomon Islands like to sit down and discuss crucial issues and I think what we would do together is to capture that essence and to support a process around the elections” he concluded.


By Mary Manelegua

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