Public transports resume service


Buses along the Kukum Highway. Photo credit: SIBC.

All public buses and taxis resumed normal transportation services this evening.

The decision came after the Inland Revenue Division succumb to the Honiara Public Transport Association’s demand to reduce taxes to be imposed on buses and taxis in a meeting this afternoon.

It was agreed that the proposed tax of 10-thousand dollars on buses per year be reduced to 3-thousand-9-hundred per year.

The proposed tax of 7-thousand dollars for taxis per year has been dropped to 1-thousand-5-hundred per year.

Meanwhile, Interim Chair of the Honiara Public Transport Association Henry Wale acknowledged the efforts taken by the Ministry of Finance to address this issue.

Mr Wale said, the Association was satisfied with the decision reached so far.

Meanwhile, today’s strike action by the Honiara Public Transport Association has disrupted examination classes within the city.

It also resulted in most students, employees and the general public commuting to their destinations this morning.

But describing the situation as “unfortunate”, Director of the National Examinations Assessment Division, NEAD, Lynda Wate said school authorities should wait for their students to arrive before convening their exams.

“It’s unfortunate that this has happened, we didn’t know that it will happen this week until yesterday. I think the advice for all Principals and Head Teachers and all supervisors who are looking after the exams is wait until all students arrive before they can sit the exams.

“I think we have also explained through our awareness that supervisors and principals may take that decision to ensure that all students arrive before starting exams. The exam duration should remain the same, if it’s an hour, two or three hours, keep those length of time”.

By: Fredrick Kusu and Rickson Bau

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