Strike on for buses and taxis tomorrow

Buses at the HCC headquarters in Honiara.

All public buses and taxis in Honiara will cease service as of tomorrow morning.

This was the outcome of the Honiara Public Transport Association’s meeting today, following the recent drastic hike in taxes for public transports imposed by the Ministry of Finance’s Revenue Division.

The tax increase is $7000 for taxis per year, and $10,000 for buses per year.

The Honiara Public Transport Association’s Interim Chair Henry Wale said, the increase has caused widespread anger and frustration among the transport owners.

More than two hundred transport owners met today and came up with two specific recommendations.

“Number one, we call for the immediate removal on this tax increase.ย Number two is we call on the government to reconsider, otherwise we will also increase the fares on taxis and the buses.

“We have agreed in the meeting today, that as of tomorrow 6am, there will be no public transport service, both taxi and buses.”

Mr Wale said the Inland Revenue Commissioner has proposed to meet with the Association tomorrow.

By: Kikiva Tuni


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