Official Court of Arms. Photo credit: Solomon Islands Government.

Official Court of Arms. Photo credit: Solomon Islands Government.

Government Caucus this week discussed the proposed federal system of government in comparison with the present provincial government structure.

A government statement said discussions were based on the contents of the second 2014 Draft Federal Constitution and other working documents on the two different government systems.

Policy Secretary for Fundamental Reforms in the Prime Minister’s Office, Warren Paia and Consultant Lawyer to the Constitutional Reform Unit (CRU), Reginald Teutau took turns to explain the natures of the two systems.

They emphasized how a federal system would be more suitable and fairer to foster strong unity than the other system.

Mr. Paia said a total of eight drafts had been taken to the people for consultation in the period of 11 years, adding the presentation to Caucus is part of CRU’s work program for this year.

He said the final Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands would be finalized in September by a joint plenary of the Constitutional Congress (CC) and Eminent Persons Advisory Council (EPAC).

The Prime Minister expects to receive the final copy by late November this year.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has proposed for Mr. Paia to include realistic cost estimates for the operation of a federal structure and latest calculations on revenue-sharing.

Mr. Sogavare said now that Caucus has been presented with the overview of the system, a detailed study of the entire draft would be necessary so that MPs could learn more about its contents.

He adds preparations are underway for more awareness meetings in the near future for all Caucus members.

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