Petitions. Photo credit: thoughtfulcampaigner.org.

Petitions. Photo credit: thoughtfulcampaigner.org.

Six Communicants of the Anglican Diocese of Central Solomons have together lodged a petition against the leadership of their Diocesan Bishop the Right Reverend Ben Seka.

One of the petitioners who choose not to be named said the petition was handed to the senior Bishop in a letter dated March 21st, 2016.

Bishop Seka was accused of dishonest and gross negligence of dealing with church funds and abuse of episcopal duties by ordinance or consecration promises.

This claim was raised following his actions resulting in the suspension and early retirements of some clergies of the Anglican community.

A statement by the petitioners said the council of bishops meeting last month has assumed that the petition document was not thoroughly discussed.

Bishop Seka recently visited the suspended clergies at their homes begging the withdrawal of the petition.

Meanwhile, it was reported that few clergy petitioners have been withdrawn from the petition due to dishonest dealings.

The petitioner has questioned the decision by the council of bishops and described as inconsistent with the Anglican Church Canon.

SIBC News will run a separate story on Bishop Seka’s response.

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