Chief Magistrate John Numapo retires


Former Chief Magistrate John Numapo and the new Chief Magistrate Emma Garo with his going away present.

Contributions of former Chief Magistrate, John Numapo to the improvement of the Magistrates’ terms and conditions were highlighted in a farewell to him last Friday.

Before he was appointed to head the Magistracy, Mr Numapo was the judicial administration advisor under the Solomon Islands program funded by DFAT in 2013.

He at the time, succeeded in moving the Magistracy from the public service to achieve constitutional status. This allowed for improvement to the terms and conditions of the Magistrates.

Three Magistrates were successfully recruited after the review.

When he was appointed Chief Magistrate in August last year, Mr Numapo continued to pursue the issue.

He told the gathering on Friday, he believed that in any organisation, the people’s welfare must come first.

“If you want an organisation to progress, if you want an organisation to become vibrant and produce results, you have to look after the people first and foremost”, he said.

“They will make or break an organisation and i believe in that very strongly, ’’he said.

“That is why some of you will see i am very passionate about making sure that your welfare is being looked after and must be addressed by the government.”

Ms Emma Garo is the country’s new Chief Magistrate.

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