China’s JAAS mission team visits SAPE farm

China’s JAAS mission team visits SAPE farm

A senior supervisory mission team from the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences (JAAS) of China on Friday 3 rd November 2023 visited SAPE farm in the
Guadalcanal Plains, North Guadalcanal.

The JAAS team was accompanied by officers from the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL).

Managing Director of SAPE Farm Dr Paulson Bosawai Popora while receiving the delegation, briefly talked about the history of the farm – how it all started as an informal sector and evolved into one of the country’s only largest commercial cassava farm.

The visit was a success as the team learned about the challenges and achievements of SAPE farm and also its contribution (benefits) to the local communities, national economy and food security.

The visiting team was impressed to hear success stories of the farm company and how it continues to expand its business operations in the country especially in Guadalcanal and Honiara, despite going through numerous challenges.

The team also took the opportunity and toured the farm’s cassava processing facility (packhouse) which is nearing completion and took a brief tour through the farm.

SAPE farm is owned by a Medical Practitioner Dr Paulson Bosawai Popora.

Started as an informal sector in 2017, Sape evolved gradually over the years into a commercial farm. Today, it is the only largest commercial cassava farm the country
ever have, possessing over 100 of hectares of land. Very soon it (Sape) will process and package cassava into frozen grated and cassava flour for domestic and export markets once its packhouse processing facility is completed.

The Solomon Islands Government and other donor agencies supported Sape growth. Cassava is one of the most important root crops in the Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile, the JAAS team also paid a brief visit to the proposed Agriculture Field Experimental Station at Tenaru site earmarked for Agriculture and Livestock research
centre, training centre, and pig breeding improvement facility.

The JAAS delegation was in the country from 1 st -4 th November to deepen mutual understanding and explore potentials of future cooperation especially in agriculture development with the hope of establishing cooperative ties with institutes in Solomon Islands.

JAAS is a comprehensive agricultural research institution established in Jiangsu province of China since 1931. It strives to make agriculture more productive and sustainable through technology innovation and it is a place where innovation thrives.

Government through MRD hosted the JAAS delegation visit. –Ends////


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