Traffic Police Director Assures Smooth Traffic Management in Honiara, during Games

Traffic Police Director Assures Smooth Traffic Management in Honiara, during Games


The Director of National Traffic Department (NTD) within the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), Superintendent William Foufaka, has reassured the public that his officers are fully prepared for the upcoming 17th Pacific Games in Honiara.

In a recent Talkback show hosted by SIBC, Superintendent Foufaka outlined the comprehensive plans for traffic management both before and during the Games, emphasizing the primary objective of ensuring a safe environment for all road users, pedestrians, international visitors, and the local communities within Honiara.

The traffic management efforts have been in motion since November 6th, and according to Foufaka, the team will continue their operations until the conclusion and beyond the games. The focus is on controlling traffic flow and providing protection to event participants and organizers while mitigating potential hazards in Honiara City.

Key traffic hotspots includingthe  HCC junctions, Ranadi round-about, Panatina, King George round-about, and the KG market, have been identified for special attention. High-visibility patrols and static officers will be deployed, with a particular focus on the east direction, extending as far as Henderson. Operations will also cover the west direction and White River.

Foufaka revealed that the Traffic Department has received additional manpower and motorbikes from neighbouring countries, such as 10 officers and 10 motorcycles from Papua New Guinea, further enhancing their operational capabilities. A total of 78 traffic officers will be actively involved in these operations.

To address potential traffic issues leading up to the official opening ceremony on November 19th, Foufaka outlined plans for vehicle checks at checkpoints to ensure the validity of road
users. Around 14 high-visibility traffic patrols will be stationed at hotspots, and traffic stops with motorbike support will be implemented.

For public awareness and convenience, buses will have designated drop-off and pick-up points, and specific car parks for private vehicles have been identified at Maranatha Hall area and the new SIFF Academic area.

Foufaka has also called for the cooperation of the public and emphasized the importance of responsible behavior, particularly discouraging drunk driving during this critical time.

The Director NTD went on to call for collective efforts from the public, emphasizing that everyone’s cooperation is essential for a safe and successful 17th Pacific Games. With thorough planning and collaborative engagement, his Department aims to ensure a seamless and secure traffic experience for citizens, athletes, and visiting friends during this highly anticipated event. –ENDS//

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