Chinese mining firm on Gold Ridge, a concern

Gold Ridge Mine site

Recent claim by the National Government of Solomon Islands that they are not responsible for what is happening at Gold Ridge, specifically with regards to the recent contracting of Gold Ridge Mining Limited to a Chinese company has ignited grave concerns from the Gold Ridge land owners.

A concern Primo Amusaea questions, why the National government was not a party to the transactions that led to the contracting of GRML to the Asian company.

Mr Amusaea said, such decision is a slap on the face of landowners as Gold Ridge Mining is a National project and not that of the land owners only.

He further added, the manner in which the contract is formalized is not transparent, thus, calling on the SIG to take an active role in ensuring the legality of the deal is closely observed.

Mr Amusaea, who is also the chairman of Kolombisi Tailings Dam Association said, the Kolombisi landowners will not allow the current site of the Tailings storage Facility for mining at Gold Ridge under the current set-up.

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