The Solomon Islands High Court. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands High Court. Photo credit: SIBC.

High Court Judge Stephen Pallaras has ordered the Director of the National Criminal Investigations’s Department to submit a report showing improved and strict measures for his department, to ensure evidence of criminal investigations they collect are safe and secure.

Judge Pallaras made the order this morning after officers of the department failed to locate a murder weapon that was part of a trial currently at the High Court.

The murder weapon -a piece of timber, was allegedly used by the accused to hit a young man on the head at Mbokona in February last year, resulting in his death.

The trial started Monday this week and the murder weapon was to be tendered in Court.

But the Court was informed the exhibit is missing.

CID Director Johnly Kanabaea claimed the exhibit was removed from their old office and placed inside a container.

Mr Kanabaea told the Court a search conducted by his department failed to locate it.

The C-I-D Director admitted he does not know where the exhibit is now.

In response, Judge Pallaras told him the community expects better service from his department.

He says what the department has done in respect to the trial and the accused, is unfair and unforgiven.

He ordered Mr Kanabaea to submit a report next month showing improved and strict measures in his department to ensure such errors are not repeated.

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