Central Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

Central Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

Few teachers serving under the Central Islands Provincial Education Authority have expressed their disappointments over the 2016 teacher postings and restructuring.

One of the teachers who request anonymity told SIBC News, senior teachers who previously served as deputy headmasters have been downgraded to class teachers.

The male teacher says, a number of serving teachers also found their names missing in this year’s posting.

He calls on the Chief Education Officer Ms. Janet Nori to explain these issue.

Meanwhile, Ms. Janet explains, it was not her own decision to make such changes but the communities, school boards and the students.

“When we assist your yearly performance and found you are not performing what’s the use of putting you there when someone that should replace you to perform those duties will come along? According to the three years contract, if you have brahced the teaching service handbook, community expectation, board expectation and the rights of children in the class then you are entitled to be removed.”

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