CITREC logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

CITREC logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Guadalcanal premier, Anthony Veke has said the relationship between Guadalcanal province and the Canadian International Training and Educational Corp (CITREC) has reached a new height.

Premier Veke told SIBC News in an interview this week.

He says the first graduates of the CITREC training in Honiara have already applied for a space to work in Canada, saying five people have been shortlist for interviews.

“The first graduands were called on to apply for job opportunities in Canada from last week and those who applied were taken through another stage, which is screening and then this week they will be interviewed through skype and eventually a few out of those interviewed would leave the country to work in Canada.”

The Premier adds eligible applicants are students who graduated from the CITREC school conducted in Honiara.

“Applicants will only be graduands of the CITREC program here as certificates from other institutions will not be recognized.”

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