A CSW 59 banner. Photo credit:

A CSW 59 banner. Photo credit:

A Climate Change youth advocator has recently returned to the country after attending the 59th Commission on the Status of women in New York, United States early this month.

Christina Ora from the Honiara Youth Council says one of the main issues Pacific youth leaders tabled at the event was sharing their climate change experiences.

“I was there from Solomon, another came from Kiribati, another one came from Tuvalu and another one from Fiji and we just came together to share our experiences on how we see climate change has affected our capital and how climate change has affected the rural areas.”

Meanwhile, Miss Ora says plans to relocate the National Referral hospital is an excellent idea.

“That is an excellent move and I think that is a plan we have overlooked to execute a long time ago. But I am happy that finally we
are on the road map to achieve that. And I hope that with the same perspective that we are looking at relocating the National Referral hospital, we will also look at relocating the main market.”

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