Climate Change. Photo credit: www.earthtimes.org

Climate Change. Photo credit: www.earthtimes.org

A three-day workshop on “Climate Services Users” organised by the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services is set to begin Tuesday next week.

A broad range of climate services users has been invited to the workshop to discuss and familiarise with a wide range of
climate-related topics.

A statement from the Government Communications Unit says the workshop will focus on Solomon Islands Climate Services, Basic Climate Science, understanding the local climate of Solomon Islands, climate forecasting to improve adaptive capacity, assess impacts and risk of climate variability, using climate forecast and traditional knowledge.

It quoted the Met Services as saying Climate information for any respective stakeholders is only useful to those who know how to
interpret it.

Speakers at the workshop will include local experts from the Solomon Islands Meteorological Services.

The workshop will end on Thursday 9th April.

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