Clinical drug. Photo credit:

Clinical drug. Photo credit:

Sir Duddley Tuti College clinic in Kamaosi, Isabel Province is in dire need of clinical drugs and other important medical supplies.

The clinic serves both the school and surrounding communities and the lack of basic drugs and other medications had been a real problem for the students and the local people.

SIBC’s stringer in Isabel Province, Charles Fox Lemoa reports Chief Hugh Bogese described the situation as worsening as sick patients are denied proper medical attention because of the issue.

The Chief said people with sores or open wounds are not being dressed properly and this is not the way to treat patients.

Chief Bogese also called on Buala Hospital authorities to urgently address the situation.

Meanwhile, the SIBC stringer reports queries to find the cause of delay in supplying the much-needed medicines from the Buala Hospital has yet to receive a response.

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