Minister of Commerce Elijah Doro Muala. Photo: SIBC.

Minister of Commerce Elijah Doro Muala. Photo: SIBC.

The Commerce Minister has increased the number of imported goods and services under the Price Control Regulation.

A government statement today says the increase follows successful consultations between the Commerce Minister Elijah Doro Muala and the Price Advisory Committee.

The statement also said the additional goods and services were added because of the influx of other product brand names into the market.

In the statement Minister Doro Muala says freight rates to all provincial centers will also be regulated.

Meanwhile, the Commerce Minister calls on cargo ship operators, the Solomon Island Shipping Association, Provincial Business Owners and the general public to make a formal submission to the Price Advisory Committee on any preferred freight rates to the Provincial centers.

SIBC News understands only less than 20 goods and services were subjected to Price Control Regulation, and this has now increased to at least over two hundred.

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