Commissioner Mangau Describes Article ‘Arrest Looms’ as Misleading


The Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Island Police (RSIPF) Mr Mostyn Mangau strongly denies the front page Solomon Star article with the title ‘arrest looms’ saying it is misleading.

Commissioner Mangau said the report on the paper on the alleged arrest of the two government ministers and a top official to face an arrest within days which is published on the paper is not true and totally misleading.

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau

Mr Mangau said the office of the Director National Criminal Investigation Department (NCID) is not aware of such a report being reported for investigation.

He said the NCID had not received any complaints regarding the fraudulent case in Rennell and Bellona Province from BINTANG Mining SI Limited.

An enquiry regarding the alleged report was sent to other police stations but nothing as such or any information regarding such report.


RSIPF Press Release

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