SITAG staff at work. Photo credit: SITAG.

SITAG staff at work. Photo credit: SITAG.

Three desktop computers containing Bible translation work in Rennell and Bellona dialects have been stolen Tuesday night.

The computers belong to the Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership group working together with the Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group (SITAG) to translate the Bible into languages across Solomon Islands.

Martha Matzke of SITAG told SIBC News someone has broken into one of their offices and took off with three desktop computers containing very important translation work.

“On Tuesday night someone broke into one of our houses and took off with three computers belonging to two different translation programs, so these computers have translation work from Rennell and Bellona and one from Nukumanu, stored in them. We’re so sorry that this has happen because these computers have very important translation materials stored in them and those who did this have stolen church work.”

Mrs. Matzke said police have already been alerted by the incident adding, any member of the public asked to buy a computer should alert the police of the sellers.

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