President of SINCW Ella Kauhue. Photo credit: IWDA.

President of SINCW Ella Kauhue. Photo credit: IWDA.

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women has urged the Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Services to consult with civil society and women’s organisations on the rearmament process for the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

A statement from the council says it believes the Ministry needs to consult with women, youths and the wider community on this very important process.

The Council adds wider consultation is necessary because Solomon is a post conflict country and ‘caution’ must be given to any police rearmament programs.

The National Council of Women also questioned whether the government has any plans to consult with women and youth or other civil society organisations on rearming the police.

The women’s council also says rearming the police will not reduce the country’s crime rate, as the real issues are not in rearming but at the causes of social instability, resulting in the police rearmament.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands National Council of Women says the Government needs to invest money in tangible programs and not in guns.

The Council says investing in economic empowerment through creating positive economic schemes for women and young people is an example.

It adds, the government should also pour money to create infrastructure where people can develop their own land, build schools to cater for growing population, invest more in the National University and address issues of decentralisation.

The SINCW statement says the Ministry responsible should now dialogue with the new police commissioner to consult further on the issue of rearmament of the RSIPF, or else missing out the voices and concerns of women, youth and children of the country.

SIBC News understands, national consultations on the Government’s limited rearmament program is yet to begin.

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