Correctional officers accused of smuggling drugs into Rove prison


A former inmate at the Rove Correctional Centre has accused correctional officers at the facility of misconduct.

The young ex-prisoner, who requested anonymity, told SIBC News he witnessed several correctional officers smuggle in contraband while he was serving a two-year sentence in the prison.

The ex-prisoner said he saw officers smuggle mobile phones and marijuana into the centre for inmates while on duty.

On-duty correctional officers also allowed other officers to purchase chicken and various foods from the prisoners’ food store and kitchen at reduced prices, he said.

Commissioner of Correctional Services of Solomon Islands Francis Haisoma said his office has received reports of misconduct by officers.

“Some of the reports regarding mobile trafficking have been reported, but for rations and other things, I’m not aware,” he said. “But I will find out.”

Mr Haisoma said he would follow up with the reports made by the former inmate next week.

“I will contact and talk with the jail’s management and let them know of this report, and we will find out if that information provided is true,” he said.

Mr Haisoma said other ex-prisoners who witnessed misconduct by correctional officers should identify the officers and report them to correctional services.

By Charlie Salini

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