HCC to inspect shops for expired goods, foreign labels

A typical shop in Honiara

The Honiara City Council is planning to conduct inspections of shops in the capital city this year.

Honiara City Mayor Andrew Mua said there will be checks for expired goods, shop conditions and compliance with city council health regulations.

Mr Mua said they will also inspect product labels.

“If we find any goods with labels that aren’t written in English or Pijin but are in a foreign language that we can’t read, we will remove them from the shelves,” Mr Mua said.

The inspections will extend to restaurants and roadside food stalls.

The city council plans to ensure that all restaurants and kai bars in Honiara meet its health regulations, Mr Mua said.

“Restaurants must have toilets and hand basins,” he said. “If a restaurant or kai bar doesn’t have a place for customers to wash their hands, then we will close it down.”

He said officers from the city council’s environment department are expected to begin inspecting the city’s kai bars soon.

By Lowen Sei

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