Registrations. Photo credit: SIBC.

Registrations. Photo credit: SIBC.

Counting has been completed in five provinces and for at least 38 of the country’s fifty constituencies, on the third day of vote counting in the country. Among the new MP elects, eight have ran under Political Parties while the rest ran as independent.

Election results that were declared by the Governor General Sir Frank Ofagioro today include:

Dr Derek Sikua returns as MP-elect for Northeast Guadalcanal. Sam Iduri has been re-elected in the West Kwara’ae constituency.Peter Shanel Agovaka has also been re-elected as MP-elect for Central Guadalcanal.

A new comer, Derek Rawcliffe Manuari has won the West Makira seat. Mr Manuari unseats the incumbent, Dick Ha’amori.

Dickson Mua has returned as the Savo-Russells MP-elect. Douglas Ete has been re-elected in the East Honiara constituency.

Manasseh Damukana SOGAVARE has been re-elected for East Choiseul. Danny Phillip returns as MP-elect for South New Georgia Rendova and Tetepare.

Snyder Rini has retained the Marovo constituency seat. A new comer, Jeremiah Manele has unseated Selwyn Riumana in the Hograno/Kia/Havulei constituency. Jimmy Lusibaea has won the North Malaita seat. Jackson Fiulaua has been re-elected to the Central Kwara’ae constituency.

Stanley Festus Sofu retains the East Kwaio seat. A newcomer, Bartholomew PARAPOLO has been elected in the Ngella

Moses Garu has been re-elected in West Guadalcanal. And, in North Guadalcanal, newcomer Samson MANEKA has unseated Martin Sopaghe.

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