CSSI Women Network launches book today


Two members of the CSSI Women’s Network

The Correctional Services of Solomon Islands Women’s Network has successfully launched its book today.

Titled ‘Her Story’, the book highlights the successes and challenges women who work in the country’s correctional service face.

The project was initiated in 2017 during the CSSI Women’s network conference where the female officers shared their experiences in their field.

In her introduction and showcasing of the book, Senior female Sergeant Cathy Nalakia shared some of the challenges.

“Few of the challenges were evidently portrayed on their presentation such as the uniform they wore at the time were T-Shirts and skirts which does not look professional.

“They were confined to do their duties and responsibilities only in the female prison block as the Prison Act at that time did not allow women officers to wok in the male prison block. In addition to that, they did not have any opportunity at all to perform administration roles in the office.

Sergeant Nalakia added, the issues they face in the past can be attributed to lack of proper policies.

“Lack of breast feeding policy or lack of maternity policy, pregnant during probation you will be terminated by common practice mifala se bae mifala saki nao from work. Or else you have to marry inorder to secure your job and a few of them were forced to marry which is not to their expectation.”

By: Allen Waitara

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