Cyclone Warning No.1 – Tropical Cyclone Harold

Sattelite image Tropical cyclone Harold.|Photo by SI-Met Service

A tropical cyclone warning No.1 has been issued by the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service to all provinces; upgrading this evenings special weather bulletin into a tropical cyclone warning.

Tropical Cyclone Harold, Category 1, is current for the Solomon Islands as of 9:10PM this evening, with a central pressure of 997 hector Pascals.

It was located approximately 77 nautical miles Southwest of Rendova Island, Western Province, according to SI MET Service.

It said, the cyclone is moving towards Rennel and Bellona province at 05 knots and intensifying.

It further stated, a gale force wind is expected to affect Western, Guadalcanal, Malaita, Makira, and Renbel Provinces with rough seas and moderate to heavy swells, and potential coastal flooding.

SI-Met Service strongly urged Communities living near rivers and stream, coastal homes, hill slopes, and lower lying areas to vacate these areas, if the situation gets worse.

Sea travellers and Motorists are strongly urged to take extra precautionary measures before travelling.

Next update will be issued 1:30AM tonight.

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