Prime Minister Manasseh Damukana Sogavare. Photo credit: www.theepochtimes.com

Prime Minister Manasseh Damukana Sogavare. Photo credit: www.theepochtimes.com

The Democratic Coalition for Change Government has announced plans to engage in serious dialogue with service delivery stakeholders, including provincial governments after the 2015 Budget is passed in April.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare revealed this in his remarks at a welcome ceremony in Gizo, Western Province yesterday.

He said the government will start serious talks soon after passing the national budget in April.

“As soon as we pass the budget towards the end of March, going April, in fact, the Constitution allow us to have a budget by April, so we will have that, as soon as we have that we will now talk with the various delivery channels, the Provincial Government being a very powerful and important channel to deliver services to our people. So as soon as we do that we should start serious talks as to how we can drive this country forward.”

The Prime Minister also says the DCC Government is committed to doing this and has committed leaders to drive the country forward.

“This government I am leading is determined to do that and we have committed leaders, we have committed parliamentarians, we have committed people voted in by the people of this country to take the helm of leadership and to drive this country forward.”

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