DCGA approves CDF Bill to go before parliament

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) through cabinet has given the approval and thumbs up for the much talked about Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to go before parliament.

Cabinet met late afternoon yesterday purposely to go through the bill and thereafter gave its full blessing for the bill to go to parliament.

The bill, amongst other things, will confine Members of Parliament to their role as legislators, while amplifying the role of constituency officers to constituency matters.

The CDF bill is one of the fundamental policies of the government, and since the government has come to power it promises to review the constituency development funds which for years has been under complete control of Members of parliament.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

In this new bill, there will be transparency in the use and disbursement of the funds. 

DCGA is adamant to take the bill to parliament and to show that seriousness, DCGA has appointed Dr Samson Viulu as Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD).

PS Viulu is strategically placed there to oversee the bill come to fruition.

With the cabinet giving its approval for the bill to go to parliament, PS Viulu has achieved the intention of the government of the day. 

The nitty gritty of the bill will become known as it will go through the Bills and Legislation Committee. 

The Bills and Legislation Committee will call for public submissions and oral presentations from stakeholders who are going to be affected by the said bill.

The bill is likely to be debated in parliament in the coming weeks after it will go through the necessary process of parliament. 


Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat

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