NHA identifies right number of toilet paper for Pacific Games; cost less than initial 6.4-million


The National Hosting Authority (NHA) has identified the right number of toilet papers needed for the Pacific Games which led to a new cost of less than 50 percent of the initial SBD 6.4-million.

The NHA came under heavy criticisms of alleged corruption just a month before the Pacific Games after it awarded a barbershop, the Empire Barbershop, a controversial SBD 6.4-million contract to supply toilet paper for the Pacific Games.

Sullivans Company being a partner of the Barbershop was part of the deal to get the stock into the country for the games.

NHA Executive Director Christian Nieng (L) and NHA Chairperson and Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers (R) speaking to the media

NHA Chairperson and Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers told the media on Thursday that the compliance team has recalculated the number of toilet papers needed for the games and a new cost of well below 50 percent of the original cost emerged.

We have now adjusted our toilet paper numbers down to what we think are the right numbers and the cost is less than 50 percent of what was the original cost…”  

Dr Rodgers explained that the process is that they compare the products and prices that are on offer by companies before awarding such a contract.

He said NHA has been assured that Sullivans as part of the deal would bring in enough stock needed for games.

“When these companies come to us, we look at the product put in and the comparisons of the prices of the products given. The others come in with different other products and we standardize the products and  they’re the agents. 

“The theory is you buy through the agent that is here because you cannot bring it in yourself, your prices will be higher then, with Empire barbershop I was completely not aware of the business being a barbershop that is not something that is put in a Technical Evaluation Report (TEC), all assessments have TEC reports that only tell us this company has a partnership with this company and in this case it was the Sullivans company that they partnered with and they’re the agents that bring this particular material into the country.”

Meanwhile Dr Rodgers also defended the NHA’s position to award the contract to the Empire Barbershop which was said to be not a registered company.

He said all companies that are part of the tender process were assumed to be registered and if any is not registered, it would be removed from the process.

If we have people to check companies before they reach my level then I take it they’ve done all their work, but if the company is not registered then basically, we will have to pull the plug because we go with companies that are registered even with securities and caterers, that’s a requirement we have to follow.” 

He added the Pacific Games has led to the establishment of new companies without proper set-ups.

The Pacific Games have offered the opportunity to not just in this instance but every instance you have companies cropping up overnight because they want to bid for opportunities in the pacific games. Once they’re a registered business they can bid for games opportunities so we cannot fault people in the country for trying to attract business.”  

The compliance team is currently working on producing a report on this issue to be submitted to Dr Rodgers.


By Sharon Nanau

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