PM: DCGA Committed to Infrastructure Development


Investing in infrastructure is essential for the development and growth of any country.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare stated in his speech during a ground-breaking ceremony in Taro to mark the start of the Choiseul Bay Airfield upgrade on Tuesday.

He said infrastructure plays a significant role in developing the country.

PM Sogavare making a point when he delivered his speech at the ground breaking ceremony of the Taro airfield upgrade project | Photo: Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat

 “A country that does not invest in infrastructure is investing in disaster and so the infrastructure is very important for the development and growth of any country.”

“Our country needs more roads, more airports, and more bridges.”

“We sing Joy, Peace, Progress, and Prosperity well, the investment in infrastructure is a very important strategy to achieve that noble objective,” he said. 

According to the Prime Minister, his government has recognized the importance of infrastructure development which is stipulated in the National Development Strategy Objectives.

That is to Sustain and inclusive economic growth, and under the Medium-Term Strategy, Expand and upgrade weather-resilient infrastructure and utilities focused on access to productive resources and markets, and to essential services.

The Prime Minister said the need for reliable, effective, and high-quality infrastructure is magnified by the undeniable challenge of the country’s geography.

He said it is even more challenging because of our susceptibility to natural disasters and climate change.

However, he said what is irrefutable is that our economy cannot accelerate or reach even half its potential with the existing infrastructure that we have, and this must be addressed aggressively.

With that, he said his government is pushing hard to get major infrastructure projects to be done this year.

“The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) has opened a wharf in Malu’u and in Tulagi recently and we are looking forward to the completion of the wharf in Chea in Marovo lagoon and the Monga bridge in Guadalcanal and as well the ring road in Tulagi will commence soon.”

“Though our economy has been hit hard by the global pandemic and the November Riot, we are pushing hard to get major infrastructure projects done this year,” the  Prime Minister concluded.


By Simon Tavake

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