Dead body found after crocodile attack in Western Province

Dead body found after crocodile attack in Western Province

Police at Sehge have confirmed the discovery of the dead body of a female in her 40s who was attacked by a crocodile on 13 March 2024.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Western Province, Chief Superintendent Mathias Lenialu said the crocodile attack happened at Dokudola camp in Marovo lagoon when the deceased went for a bath close to the seaside.

Not long after the deceased went for a bath, villagers living nearby heard a loud scream which prompted them to rush to where she was last seen and flashed a torch to the sea front.

“They rushed to help but were unable to rescue her. Police Seghe with the help of the nearby community search throughout the night without any sighting.”

“ The deceased was found a day after, 100 metres north from the place the crocodile attack is believed to have taken place. 

“This is the second crocodile attack that has happened in the same area. Communities were kindly urged in taking preventive measures to minimize the risks of crocodile attacks,” Superintendent Lenialu said.

Meanwhile, villagers were strongly advised to emphasize the need to supervise children, avoid fishing alone and be alert at night and during floods. Flashlights are considered an effective tool to prevent a crocodile attack.

 The Police Response Team were there to educate people on preventative measures to minimise such avoidable risks and to call in at any nearest police station to fill up a crocodile destruction form so that police can swiftly respond for the destruction of this dangerous reptile.

The Provincial Police Commander conveyed his condolences to the relatives and immediate family members for the loss of their loved one.


Police media

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