Solomon Islands Trade Facilitation Workshop held in Honiara

Solomon Islands Trade Facilitation Workshop held in Honiara

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade on Wednesday organized a World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) refresher workshop for members of the National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) consisting of government border agencies and private sector representatives.

The workshop was made possible through the support of the World Bank as part of its wider consultations on Trade Facilitation in Solomon Islands.

Director of External Trade, Ms Natalia Patternot noted that as members of the NTFC the workshop is crucial in working towards the implementation of the TFA in Solomon Islands.

She said it is also a reminder to stakeholders of their obligations under the TFA, taking stock of all articles and compliance with the Solomon Islands commitments that were made with respect to timelines set.

Director of External Trade, Natalia Patternot speaking during the start of the Trade Facilitation Agreement workshop

“As members of NTFC, each of you has a role in facilitating trade and I urge you to discuss collectively as your valuable input will contribute greatly towards trade development in Solomon Islands,” Ms Patternot remarked.’

Solomon Islands formally deposited its instruments of acceptance of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) on 22nd April 2022. 

Director Patternot acknowledged the World Bank for reaching out towards the end of 2023 and offering Trade Facilitation assistance for Solomon Islands, including for the NTFC.

As an outcome of the workshop this week, a work plan will be developed on areas where work is to be continued and prioritized by the NTFC.

Participants and facilitators of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) workshop

NTFC was established as a central platform for national trade facilitation and coordination across government, private sector and other stakeholders. 

Following conclusion of the TFA textual negotiations during the WTO Bali Ministerial Conference in December 2013, the NTFC’s inception came in 2015.  However, Solomon Islands formal acceptance of the TFA was made on 22 April 2022. 

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), trade facilitation (TF) is the simplification and harmonization of international trade procedures, including activities, practices and formalities involved in collecting, presenting, communications and processing data required for the movement of goods in international trade.



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