Dirty lobbying looms : MP

Solomon Islands Parliament House

The next group of national leaders vying to take the country forward must watch out against “dirty lobbying tactics”, says a former Member of the recent tenth Parliament.

The MP who wished for anonymity told SIBC News he had observed in the last House that many leaders at the top echelon of government have been master minders of such dirty tactics.

He said a few good leaders had tried their best to maintain integrity in the midst of heavy lobbying in the early stages of government formation, but found it so difficult to hang on.

The former MP said this was a political ailment that needed immediate attention and consideration by all who wish to contest the upcoming National General Elections.

Drawing from his experience, the former MP said there has never been a thing such as clean political lobbying as far as he was concerned and that, this was really worrying.

He urged all intending candidates for the coming National General Elections to watch out for such lobbyists should they make it through the elections.

By: Charlie Salini.

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