Disturbance and disorderly top October crime incidences


A Royal Solomon Islands Police Force cap. Photo: SIBC.

Disturbances and disorderly behaviour has topped crime incidences from 12-25 October 2018.

A fortnightly crime statistics from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, RSIPF’s, National Intelligence Department has revealed.

The crime report covers crime incidences reported through the Central, White River and Naha Police Stations in Honiara City and the Henderson Police Station in Guadalcanal Province.

It says a total of eighty-seven incidences of disturbance and uncontrolled behaviour have been reported to these stations for the past two weeks.

The report adds, family violence has recorded eighteen cases to these four police stations during the period, twelve of which were alcohol-related.

The offences involved husbands assaulting wives with weapons such as knives, brawls involving children and parents in a nuclear family and the use of abusive words and intimidation.

The report further stated that twelve theft offences, an increase of four to the previous fortnight, and four traffic offences were reported for the period.

Acting Commissioner for Crime and Intelligence Ian Vaevaso said Police will do its best to prevent crime from occurring but the community also has a responsibility to assist police by reporting crime when it occurs.


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